Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bustelo coffee gets cool

No matter how often I go to Intelligentsia and Lamill, I don't seem to be able to turn into a permanent coffee snob. In fact, until the fancy places opened up, I usually drank Cafe Bustelo espresso in the festive red and yellow cans, which is only about $4 for 12 oz. at your friendly neighborhood Hispanic market. I still think it's pretty solid stuff for the price, so when Bustelo offered to send me a sampler of some of their new products, I said, "Si, por favor!" Bustelo Cool Cafe con Leche is a small can of coffee similar to the Starbucks Doubleshot. It's got a nice flavor over ice, and it's sweetened with evaporated cane juice, not high-fructose corn syrup. I wouldn't mind it even stronger though, because if I'm going to use 130 calories on coffee, I'd like it to really wake me up. Even better was a new type of Cafe Bustelo they sent, Supreme by Bustelo premium gourmet espresso. I'm not sure which local stores carry it, but if you want a really well-priced dark roast coffee, give it a try. My current mix is half Bustelo, half Peet's French roast -- what's your favorite coffee for a sturdy dark roast taste combined with a decent price?
All these products are also available at JavaCabana (email me if you want a discount code for the website).
Product rating: Bustelo Cool -- 3 spoons (out of 5)
Bustelo Supreme -- 4 1/2 spoons (out of 5)


oddlyme said...

My cheap thrill (and it is a thrill) is to go to the costco in Burbank where they roast the coffee THERE. About $4 a pound and you can get a deep dark french roast or, a lovely sumatra.

It's always fresh and sometimes, sometimes, the bag is still warm when you pick it up.

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