Monday, July 28, 2008

Ruby Jewel's ice cream sandwiches will rock your world

After extolling the joys of all things Portland, I heard from Lisa, who makes lovely ice cream sandwiches for Ruby Jewel treats. But unlike Portland's famous tamarind whisky sours and bacon maple doughnuts, Ruby Jewel ice cream sandwiches are available in L.A. at several Whole Foods markets (you can also order them online). I picked up two at the Pasadena location, Lemon cookie with Honey Lavender ice cream, and Dark chocolate cookie with Fresh Mint ice cream. I love how the delicate cookie didn't overpower the ice cream like some sandwiches with giant, dense oatmeal cookies. The light cookie provided a pleasant lemony counterpoint to the creamy, subtly lavender-perfumed ice cream. Matt termed that one a "ladies flavor" and grabbed the chocolate mint variety, immediately proclaiming "This ice cream sandwich rocks my world." There's also peanut butter ice cream with double chocolate cookies and cinnamon chocolate cookie with espresso ice cream. Ruby Jewel uses locally-sourced Oregon mint, lavender, honey and milk, plus, Lisa has offered a visit to where they're made next time I'm in Portland. Yum!
(out of a possible 5)


xie said...

these sound amazing! can't wait to try.

Terri said...

tried these at the natural products expo - they were heavenly!

Matthew K. said...

wow, i used to eat ice cream sandwiches by the half dozens when I was growing up. i should definitely look for these, thanks!

ipsedixit said...

I don't think I've ever met an ice cream sandwich I didn't like.

I even like the totally artifical tasting Fatboys and Carnation ice cream sandwiches ... straight out of the vending machine.

Nothing really beats buying a couple of Famous Amos cookies and heading over to Fosselman's and making my own sandwich creation, however ...

sparklegem said...

oooooo! These sound delicious! I can't wait to try them. And from Portland, too!

Our new favorite ice cream treat is Turtle Mountain's coconut milk ice cream. It is incredible! I have made coconut milk ice cream for years, but their mint chip is really fantastic! I can not wait to try their new coconut milk yogurt.

I love your blog!! I can't wait to eat and read it all!

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