Sunday, July 27, 2008

El Parian's carne asada recipe in the NY Times

(photo New York Times)
For the poor, culture-deprived New Yorkers who only recently learned of Trader Joe's and still don't have a Target, Jennifer Steinhauer explains the joys of taco trucks and carne asada in the Sunday NY Times magazine story Carne Knowledge. She calls upon El Parian, certainly one of the finest places in L.A. for carne asada, to explain the recipe, which is simply sprinkled with salt, ground pepper and garlic powder. I'm not sure how El Parian makes their carne asada taste so deeply beefy, but I do love the homemade tortillas.


moremolecules said...

yeah! el pique gets some love in the paper of record.

Anonymous said...

So now the New Yawkers are finally going to see that we have "cultcha". LOL. Those New Yorkers obviously haven't been to L.A ...or maybe they went to Anaheim (Orange County) to Disneyland and thought that was L.A? I guess Bagels and Pizza are much more culturally important to them than mexican and the various other foods available in L.A

Anonymous said...

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