Monday, July 07, 2008

Carmela Ice Cream hits the news

The Carmela folks give out tastes in South Pasadena

After seeing this post on the LA Times Daily Dish about Carmela Ice Cream, I made sure to try some when I spotted their stand at the South Pasadena Farmer's Market. In fact, I considered having just ice cream for dinner, but thought better of it and took home a small cup of dense, rich cardamom ice cream which paired amazingly with the fresh strawberry shortcake I made on 4th of July. And today, the Times Business section is all over Carmela too, talking about how founder got a Jessica Mortarotti got a small business loan to start up the creamery. Carmela has some really cool flavors like strawberry buttermilk and raspberry thyme sorbet, so seek some out at the South Pasadena, Larchmont or Downtown City Hall farmer's markets, or order online.


Anonymous said...

They were also at the Hollywood Farmer's Market yesterday, near the coffee cart. I didn't try any, but one of the farmers raved about the cucumber flavor.

Anonymous said...

I live in Chicago and ordered some to be delivered to me. Had to order a 6 pint assortment. I got the Sea Salt Caramel (2), Brown Sugar Vanilla Bean (2), Mexican Chocolate and Mint Cacao Nib. OMG!!!
Fabulous is all I can say. And Jessica called me personally the day it was delivered because apparently some deliveries that day had arrived melted, so she was calling everybody! Now that's customer service!
It was $110.00 for the 6 pints plus dry ice not something I'll do often. But was a very nice treat!