Friday, June 20, 2008

Green Truck: much better than Wilshire's roach coach

The Green Truck is the one festooned with Tibetan prayer flags

Those of us who work at Variety, E! Entertainment, BWR, Indie 103, etc. are pretty tired of Baja Fresh and the other chain eateries near LACMA. In fact, I can't stand eating ever at Marie Callendar's, Koo Koo Roo or O to Go. So I was glad when the much-touted Green Truck pulled up right next to our longtime boring roach coach. You definitely pay for the privilege of eating natural food from a truck that runs on biodiesel, but that's ok once in a while since I usually bring my lunch. The veggie burger ($10) was full of flavor but a little messy to eat. The price would have been prohibitive except that the side salad, full of flowers, herbs and wild-tasting things, was really good, so I guess it was worth it. For the same price, you can also get a Niman ranch hamburger. There's also natural hotdogs, breakfast burritos, fish tacos, salads and desserts. The Green Truck has two trucks now and has ordered two more, so clearly there's a growing demand for healthy rolling food.
Green Truck -- currently in front of 5700 Wilshire Blvd. on weekdays


Ellen Bloom said...

Hey! That must be OUR Green Truck! I haven't seen him in a few weeks. Santa Monica Biz District near Colorado & Cloverfield wants Greeny back!

We have similar options within walking distance over here: Baja Fresh, Starbucks; Subway; Mrs. Winston's and various boring food courts. The Green Guy is a welcome respite. How I wish we had a Koo Koo Roo or El Pollo Loco!

Matthew K. said...

wow that's cool, but for some reason the GPS tracker won't work on my computer. I wonder why.

hadashi said...

thanks for the review, Pat! Green Truck "sleeps" on my street (its garage is in CC) and whenever i pass it, i've wondered how their food is. now i know...think i'll plan a long-overdue trip to LACMA and give my "neighbours" a try.

Xander said...

What an awesome concept. Any idea what sort of permits one needs to operate a moving-cafe? I'd love to have a moving Thai iced coffee stand in LA. -X

Joe M said...

Why would a fleet of two dining trucks sue a group of a half a dozen students at Temple University , Philadelphia up to 1.5million dollars who are working on a school related project. This smacks of facist capitialism. I am surprised at the home of the free speech movement in which I was involved in during the sixties ready to sue a group of students who believe that capitialism in this country should be ethical and fair. We have never seen one of your trucks west of Calif-Nevada state line. They will probaly change their name, but what kind of victory have you won besides educating that there are very few ethical business big and small. One can only wish you the average life of new business' which is five years.

Derrick Trucks said...

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