Friday, May 02, 2008

Square One Dining gets new owners; vows to stay the same

EatingLA is sorry to hear that Phil, Robert and Hayden at Square One Dining have completed the sale of the restaurant, and will be moving on to other endeavors. But the good news is that the new owners, John Himelstein of Gingergrass and partners D'nell Larson and Manao Davidson plan on keeping everything basically the same. For now, the only change they're planning is staying open on Mondays, so you never have to try to remember which day they're closed.
Robert and Hayden are taking off on a jealousy-inducing tasting tour of the Pacific Northwest, while we hear Phil is cooking up a project with Let's Be Frank. Thanks to all of them for launching this great neighborhood restaurant, and let's keep up the good work.


sku said...

Bring back the cookies!

oddlyme said...

Oh no! What about the brioche? Will they keep the freshly made there brioche?

They say it will be the same but lets face it - that would be an amazing achievement...

shainLA said...

actually, i think phil is planning on buying a vespa, growing his hair out and reclaiming his long lost hippie-youth.

Anonymous said...








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