Saturday, May 10, 2008

NY Times does Sgt. Recruiter

The NY Times, which sometimes seems to cover L.A. almost as much as the L.A. Times, drops in at Sgt. Recruiter on Hollywood Blvd. this week. There are some odd observations -- a gaggle of pony-tailed moms are somehow equated with "loud look-at-me types," while a blond philosopher offers that "it's not repulsive." Well, no, I should hope not. The author is Samantha Bonar, who has written some of the worst offenders of the L.A. Times' always-repulsive singles/"Tell" column. I'm sure she's a lovely person, but that column has got to go.


Doran said...

I interpreted "it's not repulsive" as meaning "it's not filled with snobbish New York types", and that certainly increases my desire to give the place a try.

J. Song said...

I just found out about Sgt. Recruiter and I'm very interested in checking it out. However, I couldn't see any prices for the actual entrees anywhere on the net. Would you happen to have any ballpark price ranges for their entrees and appetizers?

Thanks so much! Great blog, btw.

Joon S.