Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What's happening at Michelangelo?

Silver Lake's Michelangelo Pizzeria has lots of local fans, for its thin crust pizzas as well as its handsome staff members. But like the Backdoor Bakery down the street, Michelangelo's owners are also having trouble with their landlady, who would like to open her own eatery in the cozy spot and cash in on Silver Lake Blvd.'s theoretical riches.
Michelangelo has also run into trouble getting the new Eagle Rock location off the ground due to permitting issues, and is now faced with looking for a new space in both Silver Lake and/or Eagle Rock.
There's still a chance the landlady will relent, and Michelangelo's owners say you can help by signing a petition at the restaurant, which already has some 2,000 signatures. The petition will also be online soon at Michelangelo Pizzeria Ristorante.


annab said...

Thanks for the update. I love this place for a casual "no rush" meal. The brothers who run it are a delight. I signed the petition months ago, I wish them luck.

Anonymous said...

Hear it's the likely next spot for Joseph Centano, formerly Opus and Meson G.

Anonymous said...

I don’t get it.
Do these land ladies think they can increase property value by replacing the neighborhood hot spots with restaurants like the one that just went in across from Michelangelo? Backdoor Bakery, despite the B rating, was still a quirky hang for Silver Lake visitors. My friends would come to my neighborhood just to have the nasty Hash browns they served at Back Door.

I’m sorry, but Silver Lake needs a nice pizza parlor that serves very good food.
The snobby glorified version of the Backdoor Bakery across the street from Michelangelo’s where you CANNOT bring your dog wont fly… I give it a year at best.
Their service was snobby horrible, food was average at best and appearance of the place looked like a glorified Backdoor Bakery with 2nd hand furniture that came from a Chinese buffet that went out of business. If this is their idea of improving the neighborhood they are wrong. Michelangelo’s is great. A family ran business. What else could you ask for in a neighborhood restaurant! Take these ideas and snobby overpriced restaurants to the slums of Beverly Hills where they belong!

Anonymous said...

i heard from someone who works at michelangelo that the landlady's dead mother came to her in a dream and told her to kick them out...