Friday, November 30, 2007

Around town: Echo Park wine store, Jonathan Gold talks Mexican food

CitySipLA, which for now is a series of wine tastings and classes from sommelier Nicole Daddio, will open an Echo Park wine store/bar/market next to fire station #20, according to CurbedLA.

Earlier in the week, the folks at Curbed teased us with a hint of info on what's going on with Flor Morena...but although neighbors have spotted more activity there than in recent months, still no actual news. Since they can't have a liquor license there, I'm voting for an outpost of the Point.

On Tuesday, Dec. 11 at 7:00, Jonathan Gold will discuss Mexican cooking in L.A. at the Zocalo series at the Downtown library. Gilberto Cetina of Chichen Itza, Martin del Campo and Ramiro Arvizu of La Casita Mexicana, and Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger of Border Grill will be there for the round-table discussion. On the agenda: the difficulty of introducing challenging dishes to customers more intent on chips and margaritas than on cuisine. Admission is free, but reservations are recommended at or (213) 403-0416.
I think I've mentioned this company before, but if you're looking for a cute mail order gift idea, I love the look of this candy/cookie sushi from Kookisushi. They use apricot-flavored gummi eggs to mimic salmon roe, dark chocolate for seaweed, green tea filling for wasabi, lemon for tamago and strawberry filling to look like tuna.


Unknown said...

Anyone know what's going on at El Chavo ?
My Mom was there tonight & told me of a "secret room" , with a bar, very lounge -like. Been going there for 35 years (both of us) & neither of us had ever heard of this or been in there...

faboo mama said...

My daughter would love that candy box. She's probably the only 4 year old on the planet that would eat sushi every night if we let her and it goes without say she loves candy when we let her have it.