Friday, October 05, 2007

My daughter's dream job: the Candy Lounge

If only my daughter were a little older, she'd be applying here in a second: Sweet Sugar, the Original Candy Lounge is seeking energetic and experienced individuals to be part of our team. Candidates should have some experience in a bakery/coffee house environment and be extremely personable. Location: 7714 Melrose Avenue.
Yikes, it's just a few blocks from Milk and several dozen Pinkberry-like frozen treat dispensaries...are they trying to give us all diabetes?


Anonymous said...

That has to be one of the ugliest MySpace pages I've EVER seen.

They actually have a cute website:

There have been a few posts about their impeding opening on Chowhound since February.

I think the original idea was to serve alcohol, perhaps that's what kept them from opening all this time?

Anonymous said...

So I just went to Sweet Sugar, and I have to say it is such a great concept. And no question you will take care of your sweet tooth. Apparently they are having an open house this weekend and everything is 15% off. I will be there for sure. The owner told me that she is not selling any alcohol. The lounge is a private room for parties and such. Totally cute!

Anonymous said...

Sweet Sugar is the best idea ever! What's better than having sweets and hangin' out? I will defintitly tell all my friends, and did I mention that it's kid friendly too? It's perfect for a kid's birthday party or even a baby shower. I'm going back to Sweet Sugar Today!!!!