Friday, September 14, 2007

Food critics unmasked

I was a little surprised to find myself -- or my mouth anyway -- pictured in the L.A. Times food section Wednesday, but the article does raise an interesting point. Most of the restaurants I go to couldn't care less who I am, and surprisingly, no one has ever asked why I'm taking pictures in three years of blogging. (Well, except those picky people at Joan's on Third, but they're a whole other story.) It's a fact that the restaurant reviewing game has changed with the advent of bloggers, but that's no reason we can't strive for ethical behavior. It is a different story when you pay for most of your meals yourself than when you have an expense account, however, as LAFoodblogging points out in its response to the story.


Mr. Shain said...

what happened at joans??

H. C. said...

For me, it was Susina's that forbade me from taking pictures--but yea, no one else ever seemed to question it.