Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Boule Atelier preview

The new Boule Atelier held a preview last night, and it's much bigger and more fabulous than the old Boule, which apparently suffered from trying to turn out baked goods in a microscopic-sized kitchen. The new one, which will open in a few days or whenever they get a sink in the bathroom, has several huge stainless steel-shrouded workspaces with windows open to the front bakery. Boule's excellent macaroons were on display in all their finest colors, although one stylish mom of a chocolate-munching toddler mused that the lavender macaroon has become almost startingly purple of late. The viennnoiserie are back, with almond croissants, pain au chocolat, etc. joining the beautiful cigar-shaped eclairs and a selection of bread including a new Earl Grey loaf. Everything in the store is like a precious jewel, with faceted chocolates sparkling with gold dust and chocolate pastries at approximately the price of rubies. Down the line, Boule Atelier may offer cooking classes in the enlarged kitchen. Things are buzzing along for David and Michelle Myers, with the new Beverly Hills Boule opening soon as well as Comme Ca on Melrose which will offer traditional French bistro fare but in a modern setting. Here's EaterLA's report on all the upcoming openings.


Berna said...

Not sure if you were referring to the cookies pictured, but if so, thought you might like to know that they are macarons not macaroons.


Pat said...

Well, that's one way to look at it -- the other way is to say that it's the English word for the French macaron. I suppose it's preferable to use the French, but my mother always told me to use the English word whenever possible -- chaise lounge rather than chaise longue, was one of her pet peeves. Of course, Boule also has wonderful coconut macaroons as well.

KT said...

I would agree, except that macaroons are a different kind of cookie altogether, so it could be confusing if, say, you referenced it without a picture.

KT said...

Oh yeah, but I don't think it's a huge deal. I understood what you were talking about, and I think most people would in this case given the yummy picture.

Anonymous said...

Its too bad David's ex-wife Michelle wasn't there. She would have classed up the place. The pastries were all over-cooked and boring. And now that you mention the color change, the macarons DID seem different than they used to be. Sadly, I'm already missing the previous pastry chef (Michael?). Wish I knew where he went...

Ellen Bloom said...

Macaron, Macaroon...who cares? They're both delicious!!!

ANYWAY, congrats on your photo being on the back page of today's Food Section, L.A. Times! I'd recognize that hot dog anywhere!!!

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Steef said...

Good Job! :)