Thursday, July 12, 2007

Feeding those pesky young 'uns

Two approaches to feeding the gaping maws of children:
#1: Make them cook it themselves: Chris Rubin writes about kids cooking classes in the L.A. Times today. Mine haven't been receptive to classes yet, but I'm still holding out hope. Two other places worth looking into that weren't mentioned in the Times are The New School of Cooking, where Kathy's son got a great start to his cooking and The Summer Art Academy in Pasadena and Woodland Hills, which runs weeklong cooking camps all summer.
#2: Approach family dinners like a military campaign: I have to hand it to The New York Times Leslie Kaufman, who like me, gets home around 7:30 at night, and like me, has two kids of which one is super-picky. In her story Mom Puts Family on Her Meal Plan, she describes how she cooks ahead on Sundays and puts a decent meal on the table at least five nights a week. She uses more beef than I would, but it's a good explanation nonetheless.

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