Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Will auds eat up "Ratatouille"?

I've bashed the L.A. Times enough, so now it's the New York Times' turn. Cute article on how Thomas Keller consulted on the upcoming CGI pic "Ratatouille." But the director's name is Brad Bird, folks, not Brad Lewis -- he's the producer. The Birds' kids used to go to the park with my kids, so I take this personally. (Online version has been corrected, but print lives on).
By all accounts, the movie is fetching, and I hear it's "tracking very well with foodies." I didn't know foodies were a very big cartoon audience, but what do I know? I'm sure the Birds (they live in Tiburon, so it's not a far jaunt), and the Lewises will be assured rezzies at French Laundry for all eternity now but do cartoon-loving kiddies really care if Keller carefully helped design the baby onion ragout? I'm thinking, not so much.

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df said...

I just stumbled on your blog. Nice work!. I would love to hear your opinion of my favorite restuarant, La Cabanita up in Montrose, CA.
Hope the foodies love any animated film.