Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Downtown onslaught: Cedd hooks up with Neal

Cedd Moses told Eating L.A. that he's doing his new restaurant on the first floor of Seven Grand, his Downtown whiskey bar, with Neal Fraser of Grace and BLD. The spot was once Clifton's Silver Spoon Cafeteria, but Moses' new restaurant will be rather more upscale, emphasizing steaks and game. Moses says the original murals from when the building opened as a jewelry store are still intact. Game downstairs, whiskey upstairs...sounds muy macho!
Moses also says his redo of the venerable Cole's should be ready by January for the French dip originator's 100th anniversary. Fraser will also consult on the Cole's menu -- keeping the French dips but adding braised meats, prime rib and artisanal mustards for tavern-type feeling. A patio will be added outside (panhandlers, sign up now), and he says they've found one of the original cocktail menus from back in the day. Moses promises the interior will remain more or less intact but with a good scrubbin'.


Will downtown said...

thats gonna be alot of scrubbing!!!!!!!!! but looking forward to the reopen !!!!!!

Mr. W. said...

No!! Seven Grand belongs to me! A restaurant downstairs means less sitting room for me.

Scott said...

I live in the building. Cole's has already been gutted.

Much more than "a good scrubbin" has already been carried out.

The back two rooms have already been demolished. They're gone. Removed. Seats, tables, walls, everything.

The food serving counter has been taken out. Probably the bar is still there and the booths in the front are still there. Looks like all the silly framed newspaper articles on the wall have been removed also. I guess it would be easy enough to put those back.

If you don't believe me just go over to Cole's and press your face up to the window. You can see inside for yourself.

Liz said...

I can't wait for Coles to re-open. I used to eat there a lot when I was working in downtown.