Monday, May 07, 2007

Monday notes and links

Monica Corcoran, who writes for both Variety and the New York Times, went to dinner at Opus with Jonathan Gold and his wife Laurie Ochoa...afterwards the group hit Korean tavern Dan Sung Sa. Now that's a step up from My Favorite Weekend, although last week's weekend with Charles Phoenix was certainly an improvement.

Note to Scoops Ice Cream: Check out Gourmet's show "Diary of a Foodie" for a great explanation of making coca ice cream in Peru, which supposedly gives you just a teensy buzz. This reasonably-paced, almost erudite show on KCET puts the Food Network to shame. I can't wait to try the recipe for Chicken Faux Gras, which Ruth Reichl swears is indistinguishable from foie gras -- not to mention much cheaper.

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themirthmobile said...

i saw that show, too! the coca ice cream looked interesting, but i started drooling at the faux gras. i hope you post about it, if you end up making it.