Sunday, April 22, 2007

Is the Kitchen the future of Chinese food?... and how just unhealthy is an In and Out burger?

Interesting story in Sunday's L.A. Times about the Kitchen in Alhambra: early on, the proprietor wanted to open the cleanest, most welcoming Chinese restaurant in the San Gabriel Valley. But despite a nice review from Jonathan Gold, he got a "B" on his last health inspection, several employees have departed and business is down. Were his goals unrealistic in the cutthroat world of Chinese restaurants?

Also in the Times: Steve Lopez challenges readers to guess the nutritional content of local specialties like Pink's hot dogs and Yang Chow's slippery shrimp. I'm not giving away my vote, but I'm pretty sure a plate of those shrimp is about the most unhealthy thing I've ever eaten.

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Mike said...

we ate there with the in laws several times. and despite the hype, the dim sum was cold, gooey and really just not that good. the ala carte dishes also failed to shine. we WANTED it to be good. but alas, it just wasn't.

and i won't even comment on irene's "at least two managers speak english!" review. if that's what she's looking for, i can't wait for the 4 star review of panda express in south pas.