Thursday, March 01, 2007

Tarantino: Better than My Favorite Weekend

The L.A. Times did a little better today -- the actor from "24" in My Favorite Weekend sounds like a decent sort of fellow. But the little sidebar on where Quentin Tarantino hangs out in the big Tarantino story was what My Favorite Weekend should really be like. It's not that Tarantino has such great taste -- sorry, but Toi on Sunset doesn't have "great" Thai food, and Barney's Beanery is kind of disgusting -- but the little piece manages to actually give you a feel of what it's like to hang out with Tarantino, bouncing from Toi to the Coach & Horses to the video store. (There's no direct link to the sidebar, because that would be too much to ask, I guess, but you can find it under the Photo Gallery in the story.) It seems like bloggers pretty much ignore anything in print, but sometimes, the presentation in print works much better than viewing a multi-part feature onscreen.

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Guillermo said...

I read that piece and it gave me a true sense of what Tarantino (not that a minute spent with him wouldn't do the same) is like. Seedy is good, no?