Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Little Next Door: Could Anything be cuter?

The Little Next Door is like a little French poodle puppy - you just want to hug it and gobble it up. When I stopped by for a quick lunch the other day, I couldn't believe masses of Third Street dilettantes and boulevardiers were waiting for tables at Doughboys and yet there were empty seats on the perfectly sympa patio at the Little Next Door. Offspring of The Little Door restaurant, the Little Next Door is one-stop Gallic shopping with a boulangerie, patisserie, epicerie fine, charcuterie and cafe in one tres charmant package. I tried a mushroom chausson pastry, a slice of parmesan garlic tart and some lentil salad -- everything seemed solid but I think they would have been even tastier sitting with the handsome folk on the patio then eaten in front of my computer. There's also foie gras sandwiches (ooh la la!), grilled vegetables and beet salads that look like little jewels in their glass cases, pates, some good beers and wines and a whole range of housemade jams and conserves. It's all just slightly less expensive than a trip to Paris, but the store is beautifully designed and it's hard to go wrong with an array of French classics. Get there before the Doughboys customers figure it out. Bon apetit!

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