Friday, July 28, 2006

Blind dinner, no forks allowed

The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills is planning a blindfolded dinner where guests will eat with their hands -- "omnivores only," they specify, as of course you will not know what you are eating until you taste it.
Ten Thinkers' Paradise Presents
The Executioner's Dinner
featuring Kirsten Gabrielli
formerly of Alain Giraud's Bastide
Thursday August 16, 2006
7 p.m.
In the Back Room of the Cheese Store of Beverly Hills
10 spaces
200 dollars per person
"I cannot disclose the menu for that would defeat the purpose of our gathering, which is to reconstruct dinner with those senses we possess, other than sight. The ultimate purpose, of course, is pleasure. Dinner will consist of six courses, most of which will be paired with a wine, spirit, or an ale. We will drink from stemless glassware and forgo flatware, using only our hands to eat. Such are the parameters of our delicious adventure."

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