Friday, June 30, 2006

Road trip tip: Extraordinary desserts

Guest blogger Kathy recently stopped at San Diego's Extraordinary Desserts and had this to say:
"Owner Karen Krasne's stint at Ecole Le Notre in Paris is immediately apparent once you've tasted her flaky, buttery Napoleon, layered with an ultra whipped brulee. I saved my sour cream icing and rose petal topped carrot cake cup cake (with golden raisins, walnuts, pineapple and strips of orange zest) for later in the day, as well as two strawberry buttermilk scones for the drive home (only one survived the trip)."
So if you're planning a fish taco pilgrimage, make sure to stock up on scones on the way.


Kate said...

Karen Krasne made my wedding cake. And groom's cake. People went absolutely nuts over them.

queenofattolia said...

Krasne herself sort of drives me nuts, but she is very accomplished. Her Passionfruit Ricotta Cake is one of the best layer cakes I've ever tasted, and when it's accompanied by her mango or pineapple sorbet it's the platonic ideal of desserts. Everyone I know just creams over her extra-dark chocolate chocolate chip shortbread, too (and they are enormous).

Actually, I like her cafe on 5th near the Hillcrest area just as much as her desserts. On off hours during the week and on weekends, it's a little oasis of Zen tranquility and Buddhist tchotchkes. Whenever I'm in San Diego I make a point of having at least one "lunch at Karen Krasne's."

Anonymous said...

What a shame. So many other great choices in San Diego.