Sunday, May 28, 2006

NEW: Farmers Market, the Guide

Eating L.A. introduces the first in a series of L.A. eating guides with a guide to eating at Farmers Market. I haven't tried every stand yet, but I'm working on it, so every so often I'll post a collection of reviews of Farmers Market stands. Eventually I'd like to add guides to Grand Central Market, Mercado La Paloma, Wat Thai and more.
And thanks to the Chowhounds for inspiring me to taste some things I'd never tried before at our Farmers Market tasting buffet. Each stall will get a rating of Farmers Market shopping carts, from one to four.

Littlejohn's English Toffee
All the cool people start with dessert, right? So I'm going to give up the best thing first, and that's the English Toffee at Littlejohn's. Littlejohns English Toffee also makes a credible praline and several nice varieties of fudge, but the action here is the English Toffee -- buttery, rich, with the perfect shattering effect as it hits your teeth. You may want to have dessert at Bennett's Ice Cream, but if you do, you really should pick up some English Toffee for the ride home. However, it is extremely unlikely that it will actually make it all the way to your house.
4 carts

Bennett's Ice Cream
Bennett's is not exactly Fosselman's, but they get an A for effort. It's the same type of old-fashioned American ice cream -- not high in butterfat, not gelato -- just good old homemade ice cream, but with some pretty nice flavors. I'm fond of the watermelon and cranberry sherbert, while my son likes the mocha almond fudge.
2 carts

Patsy D'Amore's Pizza
D'Amore's Pizza is notable for its history -- it's not only one of the oldest booths at the market, but the late Patsy D'Amore is said to be the man who brought pizza to L.A. His daughter continues to run the stand, which makes a very nice floppy New York style slice. Again, it's not the best pizza in town, but it's a solid contender.
2 carts


LA City Nerd said...

Littlejohn's is great! I can polish off a whole box of their toffee sticks.

Also, "Fancy Nancy" is my favorite flavor at Bennett's!

briana said...

I have to admit being partial to Bennett's peppermint stick ice creame - the peppermint pieces get a gooey coating and the ice cream itself is not too sweet and slightly spicy on the tounge.

I'm very excited about this new guide/concept. It may just force me to mix up my weekly date night with Loteria Grill (the weho stich n' bitch is held every thursday upstairs over the brazillian bbq place.)

Anonymous said...

Patsy D'Amore's is awful! In NYC any pizzeria would be ashamed to offer a slice that small. 0 carts.

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Anonymous said...

There's a new tea store in the farmers market that should not be missed! They have hundreds of loose teas of very high quality. They'll steep you a cup to enjoy in the market or you can take leaves to brew at home. It's a great addition to the market!

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Anonymous said...

Patsy's pizza is the best in LA. Yeah I said the best. Get a whole pizza fresh from the oven and no place tops it. Test me I am ready.

Walt said...

In the early 80's I used to go to the Farmers Market at lunch and get the best pizza. Was Paty's there at that time? I remember liking it because I lived in Rome, Italy in the 70's and the pizza at the Farmers market was close the the Roman style.