Monday, May 29, 2006

Farmer's Market: Moishe's and the Village

The arrival of Moishe's at Farmers Market a decade ago was a good thing for those who have had enough Gumbo Pot jambalaya to last a lifetime. It's a great place to try muhammara if you haven't had it, the wonderful Lebanese spread made of red peppers, walnuts, olive oil and pomegranate syrup. I was pleasantly surprised by the spicy red hummus -- usually hummus kind of bores me and I go for babaghanouj, but this one has a real zip to it. Moishe's also has the usual chicken and lamb kabobs and freshly-made felafel.
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stuffed eggplant and salads
Just adjacent to Moishe's is another mideastern stand, The Village, which is one of the few places in all of L.A. that offers Turkish food. The specialty is the Turkish pide, like a Turkish pizza, which offers toppings like fried eggs and eggplant in addition to cheese, tomato, etc. I was happy to see that the Village also has a good selection of Turkish salads. I tried the stuffed eggplant, the broad beans with tomatoes and one with kale and beans. They were really flavorful and unusual, although you might want to ask to have the eggplant heated up.
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Jonah said...

I dig Moishe's. I rotate between them, Loteria and the Brazilian BBQ joint.

One of my favorite dishes is the skewered chicken wings. They take a while, but the citrus flavor is great!

KT said...

This is a good idea ... I eat at Farmer's Market all the time, but I usually stick with the same 3 or 4 places. I'm curious to see what is said about others.

I can't wait to see what you say about my favorite ... Singapore's Banana Leaf. Mmm. Chicken rendang and parathas.

Anonymous said...

Moishe's is the BEST Armenian Kebab around! The Armenians behind the counter are so nice & generous with their portions. VERY VERY DELICIOUS! & authentic!