Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Weekly news

Oh joy, another insipid chain sushi bar, Maki Maki, is about to join the other uninspired chain eateries at the Grove/Farmer's Market. It's upstairs from the Bath & Body Works store. If you must eat outside of the real Farmer's Market, I find Ulysses Voyage to be pretty decent -- it's related to Mama Voula's.

Norman's on Sunset has a new chef -- Mike Bryant used to be the sous-chef under Craig Petrella, who went "on sabbatical." (Is that like when movie stars have to go to the hospital for "exhaustion"?) Excellent sommelier Peter Birmingham is fortunately still on board.

Bravo's Top Chef is casting for a second season...they're looking for professional chefs, self-trained chefs and skilled non-pros to compete on the other TV cooking show news, Comfort Cafe's Reggie Southerland came in second in "The Next Food Network Star" Santa Rosa chef Guy Fieri will get his own Food Network show.

The Santa Anita mall in Arcadia is really heating up...besides being in the vicinity of tons of great Chinese food, the mall is soon opening an H & M clothing store as well as Crispy Cones...a dubious food concept that's been hanging around some years now, with pizza, taco, teriyaki chicken, BLTs, etc. in a cone. Whatever happened to Tacone, by the way?

Here's a great article from the S.F. Gate on Asian desserts featuring my favorite, snow frog ovaries. And don't worry, from cream puffs to mango mochi, it's all easily found in L.A.

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Jeff Massie said...

Whatever happened to Tacone, by the way?

It was still open at Century City Marketplace as of a month or so ago.