Thursday, April 27, 2006

Question of the week: Ethiopian

Danica asks, where can I get good Ethiopian food? I have to admit I'm kind of stumped on this one...I just haven't gotten around to trying very many African places, other than Ngoma on Wilshire. Ngoma is pretty good, but it's pan-African, not specifically Ethiopian. I've heard that Meals by Genet and Rosalind's are two of the best, as well as Rahel, which is vegetarian. Readers -- any suggestions for Danica?


Anonymous said...

What about all those ethiopian eateries on Fairfax?? Haven't tried any, but I do drive through there occasionally.
hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

We have enjoyed Nyala, on the Fairfax strip, for several years. Have wanted to try Meals By Genet for some time.

Anonymous said...

If you're new to Ethiopian food, Nyala (as suggested above) is a great place to start. The staff is friendly, the atmosphere airy, and the food tasty. The best way to sample is to get 1 order of Doro Tibs (chicken in a tomato stew) and 1 order of the Vegetarian combo for each 2 people at the table.

Nyala is on Fairfax on the south end of Little Ethiopia (across from the 7-11 and next to Hansen's Cakes).

Tamara said...

I agree with the Nyala on Fairfax comments. Delicious, decent service and good sized tables for large groups. It always seems a bit quiet in there, but the food is fabulous.

Anonymous said...

I personally like Rosalind's better than Nyala, their food seems to have more flavor.
My absolute favorite is Rahel's (across the street from Nyala). It's a tiny place, but they're really attentive and the food (all vegan) is fantastic!

sarah said...

hey pat!

i am a the biggest cheerleader for fassica, a fairly "new" ethiopian place on washington boulevard in culver city.

i also tried messob and rosalind's on fairfax. messob was okay,but i think i prefer fassica. rosalind's, i am still digesting and formulating an opinion.

[ JFQ ] said...

I've been to Nyala and Rosalind's and I think I'd have to recommend Rosalind's over the former. Nyala was pretty good too, but it's usually busier, slower and a little more expensive. I've been meaning to try Fassica and have been hearing good things about it.

Octopus Grigori said...

Nyala is good - the chicken curry is nice and spicy; however, after many trips to Little Ethiopia, I've concluded that Mercato is probably the best option there. Nyala is slow, and they tend to burn a bit too much incense, which I find gets in the way of enjoying the food. The food at Mercato tends to taste fresher, and the atmosphere is much livelier.

Aunt Beep said...

I usually like Nyala, but lately the food has come out a bit cold, and the portaions seem smaller. I've been meaning to try Rosalinds, so looks like we'll go there next!! :)

Phoebe Evergreen said...

I have eaten at Rosalind's and Nyala but keep going back to Merkato. The best on fairfax.

Anonymous said...

I've been eating Ethiopian food for 20 of my 40 years and Meals By Genet is the best by a very long stretch! Nyala is an Americanized version of Ethiopian food and so far as Merkato is concerned, I wouldn't recommend it at all.
Prior to discovering Genets I
regularly ate at Rosalinds,which was the best in L.A. prior to finding Genets. Also, don't let the Ethiopian decor of the others restaurants on Fairfax fool you into thinking that they have the better dishes...they don't!
Genetes prices are defintely a bit
higher and the quantities are smaller. But, for those who want Quality, FLAVOR and Doro Wot like no other, this is the place to go! And by the way..all the food is prepared by Genet herself!

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