Sunday, September 30, 2012

Beer goggles and Doc Martens: What to wear to a beer festival

Doc Martens and dirndl: a tribute to the beers of England and Germany?
Beer can be oh so refreshing on a hot day, but this year's L.A. Beer Week festival tested even the hardiest hophead with 95 degree heat and lots of high-alcohol brews. But organizers moved most of the booths into the shade, and the signature ingredient this year, prickly pear, lent itself well to fruity and tangy beers that (mostly) worked in the heat. Some of my favorite's included El Segundo's well-balanced Citra Pale Ale; Beachwood's System of a Stout with a big jolt of "Armenian coffee" from Portola Coffee and Kinetic Brewing's Prickly pear saison.
The proper way to accessorize: pretzel necklace and craft beer t-shirt
The really amazing phenomenon was the explosion of breweries from every nook of Southern California -- two from Lancaster, several in Torrance, Temecula, Ventura, Tustin, Agoura, Calabasas, Rancho Santa Margarita, Redlands and Buellton in addition to the established San Diego names and our hometown heroes Eagle Rock Brewery and Golden Road Brewing. But enough of the beer: what do serious beer drinkers wear to enjoy dozens of tastes from lots of great breweries?
It's never too hot for styley boots

The tasting glass necklace is always appropriate.
Got giant beer stein hat? Why yes.
Beer-printed Hawaiian shirt; his companion's dress is also printed with drinks, and she just removed a pair of actual beer goggles.


Food GPS said...

Pretty entertaining view of the LA Beer Week Fest, Pat. Good seeing you at Union Station.

Amanda said...

Ha! I totally saw you two walking around but didn't know it was you! Eye-catching duds!

e*star said...

Great seeing you! What a great beer fest.

cookables said...

thanks so much for this post! i was totally wondering what to wear to my next one!!!!!!!!!!!