Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mohawk Bend brews up some Echo Park action

Mohawk Bend saved the theater's marquee
I've probably spent decades complaining about how hard it is to find a good craft beer selection along with some beer-friendly bites like fried calamari or fish 'n chips. Echo Park's new Mohawk Bend, which took over the nearly 100-year old Estudio theater that sat empty for so long, looks like its about to remedy that situation when it opens sometime next week. At last night's press preview, we sampled some of the 70 mostly Californian beers that will be on tap and small batch spirits like Root and Snap liqueur, Sorciere absinthe and the whole Greenbar Collective lineup from right here in Monrovia.
Mussels are sourced from Carlsbad

I'll have to wait till they open to try the Monterey squid, but the grilled artichoke, roasted cauliflower, salads and pizzas were all promising. A large swathe of the menu offers vegan pizzas, a quinoa burger and other snacks without eyes, while the omnivorous can try the Dork burger, made with local pork and duck, mussels, clams or chorizo-stuffed dates.
A huge array of taps features mostly Californian beers, priced as low as $4.50 a pint
The cavernous theater has been divided into a cozy dining area in back with a roaring fireplace and weathered brick walls, a long bar area with coffee-shopesque red vinyl stools and plywood booths, and a patio lounge fronting Sunset Blvd. with another fireplace.
A fireplace warms the rear dining room
The owners of Mohawk Bend, who also own Tony's Darts Away, are aiming for a truly local experience, even down to the Miracle Mile bitters in the Mildred Pierce cocktail. Sure, it'll soon be overrun with guys with bushy beards wondering why there's no Chimay, but no matter. I'll be the beardless one in the corner munching on fish n' chips and drinking Pliny the Elder.
Mohawk Bend
2141 W. Sunset Blvd.


Food GPS said...

Am I going to have to grow a beard to get inside Mohawk Bend? Depending what they have on tap, and how that dork burger tastes, I might be willing to do it.

Plumbing said...

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LA hottie said...

They said when you drink a beer with a mussels or clams it can triggers some allergies which can be fatal to the drinker.

Troy said...

Mussels and Beer... Sounds good!

Flea said...

Visited a week ago. Drinks and beers are outstanding. Tried Abe Froman pizza, roasted cauliflower, goat cheese & artichoke rolls, and Flash Gordon salad. As with most new restaurants, food could use some fine tuning. Looking forward to seeing the improvements, a much welcome addition to the east side.

letopho said...

great venue! Just what Echo Park needed.

Anonymous said...

What a shame. My Burrito King RIP, I've loved you for 30 years now these anorexic grungy hipsters are moving you out for what? A pukey green paint job and higher prices for food that isn't even Mexican. If I had wanted health food I would toddle my butt across the street to Trader Joes for a veggie anything. I want my old bean & cheese smothered in red sauce BACK! Jesus, what next? Parking permits like West Hollywood? OY VEY this area is tanking fast, first the Coffee Table bites it now this?