Tuesday, March 08, 2011

David's finally open on Sunset

The sign first went up in 2009, but David's is looking more lively now.
It's been over a year since we checked in with David in the old L.A. Chinese spot on Sunset at Parkman, near Cafe Tropical. Now David, owned by caterer David Sutton, is open for breakfast and lunch. At breakfast, try a Mochie crepe with nutella and banana ($7), a Silver Lake Mochie crepe with brie, caramelized apples and bacon ($9), steak and eggs ($15) or Huevos Rancheros ($10). Lunch dishes include a veggie napoleon panini ($9), half pound burger ($9), carne asada plate, penne pasta pomodoro or beet salad. 
(Thanks to Will Campbell for the intel. Read more on Feast.)


Will Campbell said...

Thanks for the hat tip! With Local, Gobi, Cowboys & Turbans, Aroma, Pho and Rambutan all on the north side of Sunset and me living basically around the corner from David and a half block south I've been long looking forward to this opening so that I have an eatery option available to me on my side of the boulevard. Now bring on dinner!

ThePoorParalegal said...

It seems as if Silverlake has a lot of hidden gems!

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A new restaurant to try in the area.