Sunday, June 27, 2010

Malo es bueno: Silver Lake's booziest brunch

Mango banana French toast with piloncillo syrup
Technically I guess it's possible to have a boozy, leisurely brunch at several places in Silver Lake: Cliff's Edge, Edendale Grill and Dusty's come to mind. But it would be hard to find a better combination of potent yet refreshing cocktails and zippy Mexican brunch dishes than Malo, where several bloggers/writers were invited to try brunch and some new cocktails this weekend.
 A salsa flight and guacamole are de rigueur at Malo
Malo makes an excellent margarita of course, but the Medicina Latina adds a strong jolt of ginger to the lime and tequila with a mist of Mezcal. Matt enjoyed the extra-spicy Bloody Maria made with tequila, while a new drink made with gin, mint, and smashed peaches was also a hit. I wouldn't have thought to order
scrambled egg tostadas ($8), but they were terrific; I actually liked them better than the chilaquiles. Either decadent Mango and banana french toast with warm piloncillo syrup ($8) or spinach enchiladas with a touch of the fiery creamy salsa and cool avocado slices would make the perfect morning-after dish.
Scrambled egg tostadas
In addition to lots of other brunch salads, vegan choices and egg dishes, there were two pancake creations we didn't try: bacon cheddar pancakes and buttermilk and queso fresco pancakes, so a return trip is in order. And don't be afraid that the desserts will be too sweet -- both the flan and tres leches cake are nicely calibrated not to be cloying. I've always been partial to Malo and their organic margaritas and ground beef pickle tacos, but their brunch is a super-pleasant way to soak up some morning sun on the patio before hitting the Silver Lake Farmer's Market, Spice Station and Cheese Shop of Silver Lake to stock up for dinner.


Unknown said...

i love eating. especially seafoods. too bad my allergies give me away. Would love to see some authentic filipino recipe in your blogs someday. thanks.

artichokey said...

I love brunch at Malo! I used to go almost every weekend and, almost without exception, our table was the only party in the restaurant. Glad they kept with it though. It seems to have become a popular brunch spot for families with young children.

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Looks nice and very creative. thanks for sharing your ideas...