Friday, August 07, 2009

Cemitas are sexy too!

Here's the latest video from Pal Cabron, the new cemitas restaurant owned by Bricia Lopez, whose family own the Guelaguetza restaurants. Cemitas are like tortas that got lost in a sea of fragrant mole -- the French dip of Mexican sandwiches. See more cemitas-themed videos here.
Here's Jonathan Gold's early write-up on Pal Cabron. I haven't been there yet -- it's a little hard to work Huntington Park into the daily rounds -- but I met Bricia on the Baja trip. She's a real character, and now I really need some cemitas soon!

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Food GPS said...

I tried Pal Cabron with the Glutster on Wednesday. Bricia brushes her clayudas with lard, not that I'm complaining. The cemitas are massive and so reasonably priced. Two people could easily split a $6 sandwich and be full. They also make traditional horchata, which has no milk, just rice milk, so it's got a grittier texture. They top it with cactus flower syrup, diced cantaloupe and chopped pecans. It's a gut-busting meal, but worth a trip to HP.