Thursday, August 06, 2009

Border Grill gets Baja inspiration

Barbacoa: the real thing in Tijuana

One thing that often bothers me is the overwhelming similarity of so many Mexican menus in L.A. Fortunately the chefs on our recent Baja trip were paying attention, and Border Grill's Raymond Alvarez is introducing some new specials inspired by the trip. I'm guessing the chocolate/blackberry polenta cake is a variation on the amazing blackberry tamales at Villa Saverios.
(At the Casa d'Eating LA, we made Baja-inspired jicama logs with chile and lime last week).

Here's a few of Border Grill's Baja inspirations, available as specials in Santa Monica:

Lemon Cucumber Carpaccio
lipstick radish | kumquat | lemon verbena | manchego cheese | crispy red beet

Barbacoa Tacos
slow roasted cabrito | árbol salsa | sliced avocado | onion and cilantro

Grilled Panca Marinated Salmon
aji aioli palm salad | poblano mashed potato | grilled pineapple salsa

Valle de Guadalupe Beef Shank
achiote chile broth | white beans | pickled onion salsa
farmers market succotash | marinated grilled bread

Chocolate and Blackberry Polenta Cake
blackberry liqueur | blackberry whipped cream

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