Friday, June 12, 2009

What's been happening? Greater Silver Lake news for the week

The perfect light lunch: grilled salmon salad from BLD

You go away for just three days, and you miss all kinds of stuff in the L.A. food world. Here's some of the things that happened, in case you too were offline or otherwise engaged.

The Atwater Farmer's Market is being evicted; you can write to Wells Fargo to protest.

There's a benefit tonight at Spaceland for the beloved Taco Zone truck, which may have been the victim of jealous competitors or criminals wanting protection money.

I missed Sonic Youth-flavored pizza, whatever that is, at Two Boots. Darn.

BLD comes to Pasadena, and other Pasadena dining news.

Anything else going on around town, especially east of Hollywood?

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Iveta Ramallo said...

I love grilled salmon salad. The salad so colorful. This was wonderful and so easy. My picky eaters loved it. The flavors in this recipe are wonderful, but I did make a few changes that make it even better. Yes this is for perfect light lunch. Thanks for a lovely share.