Saturday, May 02, 2009

Vegetable garden tips at the L.A. Garden Show

The greenest celeb, Adrien Grenier, checks out Dwell by Design's garden.

I'm glad the L.A. Garden Show, which continues through Sunday at the Arboreteum in Arcadia, went with the Festival of Flavors edible landscape theme this year, since that's what everyone seems to be interested in these days. I wanted to check out some of the home garden displays and pick up a few heirloom tomato plants. Since it was an outing with our friends from L.A. Stories, a kids' activities blog, it was a quick tour around the gardens and then on to the ducks and peacocks by the Arboreteum lake. Here's a few ideas we saw for home gardeners.
Paul Borden's patio garden box is made from recycled pallets filled with herbs, flowers and vegetables for growing a lot in a small space.

Laramee Haynes' design revolves at waist level and is designed so wheelchair users can easily garden.

Brightly-painted chicken coops are the chic backyard accessory du jour.

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L.A. Story said...

Had a great time, Pat! Thanks for the shout out.