Thursday, May 07, 2009

Taco table godhead in Highland Park

Tortillas are made on the spot with a rolling machine

I was trolling around some blogs deciding where to pick up a snack on the way home when I came across Eat Drink & Be Merry's amazing post from February on Taco Stands and Tables around northeast L.A.

The roasting pineapple moistens crispy bits of pork.

I knew I had to try the Disco Ball $1 taco table, as Dylan called it, with its nopales, pastor con pina and handmade tamales. See those charred bits on top of the pastor? They might look burnt, but when they combine with some less-charred bits and crumbles of roasted pineapple, the combination of salty, crunchy, porky and fruity is pretty amazing. Plus there's grilled onions and peppers, other meats like tripas, chicken and carne asada and some deeply flavored salsas. All that would be pretty great, but add tortillas made right in front of you by the meat griller's lovely assistant, and it's kind of the rock opera of pastor tacos.
This taco table is just to the left of Antojitos Guerrero, which is at 5623 York Ave.


slowrider said...

Try the 'Tire Shop' tacos.....on Nolden & York....the Pastor is really good.

Anonymous said...

what are the hours for this table?

Clementina said...

Boy, those little carnitas tacos are too beautiful, but not too beautiful to eat!

dealinhoz said...

Hi Pat, thanks for the mention. did the taquero have his discoball on? ha. i agree with slowrider, York&Nolden make a nice al pastor & buche.

Big Eats said...

Went last night and was not dissapointed. The Carne Asada is sublime, and the pastor was excellent. and just a dollar each!