Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bacon apple pie disappears before I get seconds

On Sunday, my son insisted we make a bacon apple pie. I didn't know that videogame geeks discuss such things on their forums, but apparently they do, and the geeks even provided a handy link to this recipe from the Bacon Blog. The recipe looked a little more reliable than the last gamer recipe he tried, for microwave brownies in a mug, which was fairly disastrous. It's basically a conventional apple pie with bits of crispy bacon larded, so to speak, throughout. The salty bacon played off the sweet, tart apples quite nicely. This pie must be served warm, of course, and should you happen to have some homemade cinnamon ice cream around, it would make an ideal topping. All I had was Trader Joe's tart vanilla frozen yogurt, but that worked pretty well too. After we decided on that recipe we looked at some others, and Rachel Ray's version with bacon/brown sugar crumb topping looks like it could also be worth a try. I was looking forward to taking a piece to work the next day, but Sam ate almost the entire thing by himself, because when you're a teenager, you can do that.


Unknown said...

Bacon and apple are one of the food world's great marriages, so I am all over this idea. Too bad that one of my teenagers is a vegetarian-- but that leaves more for the rest of us.

H. C. said...

Even with my teenage years well behind me, thank goodness, I still would've gladly polished off most of this pie, caloric consequences be damned!

The Apple Pie Connoisseur said...

I used to think that this bacon apple pie recipe was extreme. That is until I created my very own Thanksgiving shredded turkey apple pie [I fry the turkey until it's really crispy). The recipe is on our site if you want to try it out (it's a great way to use up leftover turkey).

Thanks for sharing! I haven't tried this exact variation, but I will now.

John McConnell
The Apple Pie Connoisseur