Friday, April 24, 2009

Great Harvest Bread comes to South Pasadena

The location doesn't look like much right now, but a new location of the franchise Great Harvest Bread Company is in the works in this historic South Pasadena building at the corner of Mission and Diamond Sts. I'm always complaining that there's way too many cupcakes and sweets and not enough bread bakeries, so this is welcome news. The franchise part seems a little worrisome, but the reviews on Chowhound for their other locations seem pretty good. Also, it's not a chain -- it's a local couple that owns it and bought a franchise. Apparently they stone-grind the wheat every morning, and make white, whole wheat, nut, fruit and savory breads as well as scones, cookies and sandwiches and Peet's Coffee. They're predicting a late spring opening, so I'm thinking...August?


anna b said...

I actually worked at a Great Harvest franchise in Reno, (mid '90s) and then used to go to one in Tysons Corner, VA (early '00s) It does depend a bit on the franchisees, but the product is solid and very tasty.

Not cheap, though, from what I recall.

I swear I don't have a stake in this one!

James said...

Why would you go to Great Harvest when you can go to Europane? Forget the chains, go support local stores that offer much better products at generally more reasonable prices. South Pasadena doesn't need a chain bakery!

Anonymous said...

I live in South Pasadena and love the idea of walking for bread but hate the chain part-thats its a frachise owned locally helps??

Anonymous said...

Franchise or not, I will base my opinion on the quality and price of the product. Hope they have it!