Monday, March 30, 2009

Cupcake Challenge 2009: Brave tasters report back

Melli Belli's lavender and gingerbreak cupcakes from Happy Go Marni

I was taking a sugar break this year, so a few bloggers with much sturdier sweet tooths than I took on the Cupcake Challenge judging this year. I really hesitate to use the phrase "cupcake porn," but if you check out these blogger's posts, I warn you, you're going to be wanting a cupcake.
HC from LA and OC Foodventures reports that that cupcake makers kicked up the creative ingredients this year, with flavors like lemon blueberry mascarpone and the Oinkster's chocolate brioche bread pudding.
My new Twitter friend Happy Go Marni reported that among the more unique flavors was a lavender cupcake from Melli Belli -- and this year she remembered to bring Tupperware. I remember that the best part of last year's challenge was scooping up all the leftover cupcakes to bring back to happy family members.
Winners to be posted soon.

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