Sunday, March 15, 2009

Boho opens Tuesday in Hollywood

We brought you a preview of Boho's decor last week, and the Arclight complex gastropub is now ready for its closeup starting Tuesday. Even if you're undecided about the mismatched chairs and thrift shop paintings, courtesy of Spacecraft, you'll want to check out the primo beer list with selections like Green Flash's Le Freak, The Lost Abbey's Avant Garde, Stone's Dry Hopped Old Guardian and Alesmith's Nautical Nut Brown Ale. And that's just San Diego county. There's another 21 or so craft beers on tap from Belgium, Oregon, Maine, New York and more, as well as gastropub fare like pizza, charcuterie, pastrami and burgers from the Oinkster's Andre Guerrero. No offense to the Arclight cafe, but Boho, you've got much more to offer.

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LYT said...

"No offense to the Arclight cafe"

Nahh, go ahead and offend 'em. They really need to fix quite a lot that's been wring there from the getgo, from the minimal seating at the bar to the rather low quality of much of the food, to the crappy table service (despite trying to time orders to get there way prior to your movie, they frequently fail).

This new pub sounds great, and maybe will force the Arclight bar to kick up its game.

So glad to be moving back to Hollywood. Can you tell?