Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Foodinista: a new not-so-anonymous blog

LAobserved linked to fairly new blog The Foodinista today, and immediately I wondered who the "Los Angeles food magazine editor" could be. I immediately thought of Heather John, senior editor at Bon Appetit, and about two seconds of Googling proved me correct. The site has professional-quality photography, some good recipe advice (as one would hope, from a Bon Appetit editor), and fashion content that is way too rich for my blood (Christian Louboutin and such). Maybe Bon Appetit doesn't like their staffers to have personal blogs -- although Hugh Garvey has Gastrokid, so why is The Foodinista anonymous?
I feel like there's not much point in an anonymous blog by an editor, though, especially one that mentions the actual names of her friends and fellow diners, since isn't the point that she has the background and taste to write about these subjects? Transparency, people, transparency.


Anonymous said...

ahhh SHUCKS Pat, you totally outted her! :)

Kate Coe said...

Maybe the magazine would want her to blog for them, but no extra pay. It's a nice blog, too.