Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Around the blogs: Vegan hotdogs and more

A monster of a veggie dog at Franken's

Quarrygirl caught up with the Franken's vegan hotdog cart in Echo Park the other night. As I thought, mobile food is really taking off in L.A., with Kogi's second truck coming soon and rumors of other ventures in the works. What kind of specialty food cart or truck would you like to see?

Losanjealous is seeking foodie cheapskates to blog for free about low-priced meals...I guess the writers aren't the only ones who are cheapskates!

And FoodGPS dives deeply into the design, hiring and menu at the still under-construction Intelligentsia Venice, which takes a purist approach -- you might not be able to get decaf coffee there.

Sinosoul blogger, Yelper and eater extraordinaire TonyC begs to differ from the Chowhound who raved about The Open Door in Monterey Park. Let the pork belly battle begin.

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