Thursday, January 08, 2009

Sad press release of the day: Pancake recession relief

IHOP would like everyone to know that they're doing their part for the recession: yes, all-you-can eat pancakes are back with bottomless coffee for $4.99 until Feb. 22.
Thanks, but first of all, no one should really be eating more than one portion's worth of pancakes no matter how bad the economy is.
And, there's got to be better things to eat out there for $4.99...
1) One hot dog from Let's Be Frank
2) Two hot dogs from most hot dog carts around Echo Park and Highland Park
3) Three tacos from most taco trucks
4) Two tacos from the Kogi Korean BBQ truck
5) Full breakfast at several places such as Rick's on Riverside and Penny's on York
Got more?


Cee said...

you can get a nice breakfast meal over at Hong Kong Cafe.

Anonymous said...

Two huaraches at El Huarache Azteca - well, technically I think that's $5.00 exactly.

An assortment of dim sum from Family Pastry - not much better for you than the pancakes, but far tastier.

Is a chicken tarna sandwich at Zankou still under five bucks?

Scott said...

Add a penny and get a salmon rillette at Palate.

Pat Saperstein said...

Thanks for all these! According to Menupages, chicken tarna, shwarma and falafel sandwiches at Zankou are all $4.59. A roasted chicken sandwich is even less, and a half chicken is $5.99.
In fact, I'd rather have a $4 foie gras lollipop at Bazaar!
Or maybe a box of Trader Joe's pancake mix for $1.89, which makes about a zillion pancakes.

Kathy A. McDonald said...

I believe that's enough for burger/fries/drink at In-n-Out....will also get you one of those corn tamales at the Farmer's Market.

Ellen Bloom said...

Delicious taco, rice and beans at Chabelita on Western, just north of the SM Freeway!!!

Doran said...

A bowl of noodle soup is about five bucks throughout Chinatown. I usually go to B's Wonton Noodle House.

A pupusa revuelta con frijol and tamal de pollo runs me about $4.85 at El Salvadoreno in Duarte.

Large Pepper Steak sub at Giamela's. Actually all large subs are $5.

A two-item combo at the Chinese steam table of your choice. Choose wisely though.

Four pieces of chicken at Popeye's.

A 40oz bottle of Miller High Life and a handful of Slim Jims.

H. C. said...

Love how you spinned that press release into something way tastier and L.A. relevant, some other additions:

- breakfasts or "afternoon tea" at any of the run-of-the-mill Hong Kong style cafes.

- 2 orders of Sinbala sausages

- the addictive "boba fried chicken" or "sweet butter toast" served at Tap Ex, Cha for Tea, etc.

- 1-2 banh mi sandwiches

- for a penny more, the $5 aperitivo dishes at Cube (ok, probably not very filling but certainly a lot tastier)

- almond croissant + coffee at Euro Pane

- sopes (think you can get 2 for $5...) at King Taco

- and a personal mass-chain weakness - the chicken bakes at Costco.

Unknown said...

I get two sopes de pollo and a drink for that amount at my favorite lunch cafe, El Taquito Mexicano 2 in Pasadena. Or a carnitas burrito at Yuca's, with plenty left over for a cold drink from the liquor store.

Anonymous said...

Oh and - you already covered taco trucks, but for something a little different, you can get two crispy tacos dorados at My Taco in Highland Park for $3.79.

weezermonkey said...

Pupusas, be it at Pupusas y Mas or Sarita's or...anywhere with pupusas.

And, of course, Vietnamese sandwiches at Lee's or Mr. Baguette or...pretty much anywhere.

Anonymous said...

You can get the 4.00 ceviche cup to go @ Mariscos Sinaloa - 5633 York Blvd - w/tostada shells & lime that will make you 3 or 4 tostadas. Good stuff!

99 Cent Chef said...

99 cent Snacker sandwich at KFC...the 99 cent chef