Monday, January 12, 2009

LA Weekly adds food blog next week

The LA Weekly is losing film critic Ella Taylor and its theater editor, but gaining a new food blogger, according to this memo published by LAObserved. We saw the ad for a blogger a few months back but haven't heard yet who got the job -- but it's certain he or she will have quite a job working alongside Jonathan Gold, who apparently is too busy eating to blog.
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Just four years or so after the debut of EatingLA, Deep End Dining and a few other pioneers of L.A. foodblogging, the L.A. Times Daily Dish and Los Angeles magazine's Eat blog have also been looking good lately.


Anonymous said...

I'd been hoping it was you!

weezermonkey said...

What a great gig that would be!

Pat Saperstein said...

Thanks Anonymous, but right now Variety is my first priority!

Doran said...

With Jonathan Gold already there, even if he won't blog, why on Earth would they opt for a food blogger? The paper is a disaster, yet they spend their resources on this?

Then again, I stopped reading the Weekly (except for Gold) after Michael Ventura left, so maybe I'm not the target audience.

But really, this is like the LA Times firing reporters and long-time columnists so they can have more blogs. Sad.

H. C. said...

Oh wow, it was like yesterday (OK, five months ago) when I blogged about their job opening for a foodblogger, hopefully during those months they'd really screened for someone who has a great blogging style and in touch with the L.A. food scene. And it'll be great to have more voices in LA Weekly's food coverage overall, even though I weep for the folding of their theater section.

But yeah, recently I've noticed that LA Mag and LA Times' foodblogs becoming much better reads as well.

Anonymous said...