Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Freight by Night: affordable supper club at Silver Lake's Zanzabelle

I'd like to eat in an octopus's garden, with you...Zanzabelle's whimsical garden

After taking over the lunchtime menu at Zanzabelle five months ago, Freight Foods' chef Matthew Roberts has started a supper club with different regional themes each weekend. (Remember, we predicted more affordable prix fixe dinners and informal supper clubs!)
This weekend, Freight by Night is held on Friday, Jan. 9 and Saturday Jan. 10 from 6-9 p.m. while next week's menu will likely be Italian-flavored. This one is really affordable: $20 for this week's menu, which includes:
- Tomatillo and Yellowtail Ceviche
- Sapotes Dulces
- Pozole Blanco
- Cochinita Pibil

Roberts started as a line cook, graduated from Le Cordon Bleu and then cooked at local restaurants including Canele until he and his wife Jackie, who who is experienced in food marketing and advertising, decided to open their own place within Zanzabelle.

Reservations are recommended at 626-243-3686, or email info@freightfoods.com.
Silver Lake Wine is informed of the menu in advance and offers suitable wine pairings, and corkage is free -- but dress warmly, as seating is on Zanzabelle's cute front patio.

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Dyana Valentine said...

I have had the pleasure of Zanzabelle and believe, you me, it's AMAZING!! They know how to do coffee sandwiches and I know they are rocking the prix fixe. I"m calling now for my first dinner reservation. See you there?