Monday, December 08, 2008

New Year's ideas: the Park, Dominick's, Rustic Canyon, Beacon

If you're planning on dinner out on New Year's Eve, a prix fixe meal is nearly inevitable...

except at Dominick's, where the regular menu (Rice Balls with Mozzarella and Mushrooms; Treviso, Celery Root, Gorgonzola Dolce, Red Pear & Candied Walnuts; GrilledDiver Scallops with Black Truffle Butter or Housemade Fettuccine Carbonara) will be available.

Plus, Little Dom's will be open for breakfast New Year's Day including the famous $10 Prosecco deal.

Or try The Park in Echo Park, where prix fixe six-course meals are available for both omnivores and vegans at $60 each with an early and a late seating. Call 213.482.9209 for menu info and reservations.

If you're on the Westside, Rustic Canyon has an early seating with an amuse followed by six courses (Oysters, short ribs, stuffed cauliflower tortelli) for $75 per person and a late seating plus hamachi crudo and a Champagne toast for $105 per person. Call (310) 393-7050 for reservations.

And in Culver City, Beacon swings both ways: you can order a la carte (black cod, calamari salad, chestnut bisque, etc.) or try a special four-course dinner for $48, with Maple Leaf Farms duck breast, striped bass or miso braised shortribs.


Ellen Bloom said...

I like to save going to the fancy restaurants on off nights. New Year's Eve is always so over-rated, the service is usually so-so and the prices are up...but, THANKS FOR THE SUGGESTIONS!

We'll probably be hunting for that Kogi-Korean Taco Truck, catch a movie and call it a night!

Anonymous said...

Rustic Canyon is definitely producing some of the best food in town at the moment. Considering the menu and Chef Funke's talent level, this would be a high-value choice for New Year's Eve.

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