Monday, October 20, 2008

Hatfield's, Sushi Zo join Michelin one stars

The Michelin Guide for L.A. restaurants comes out today, and alas we have no time to attend the announcement luncheon.

A few observations:
  • - No three star restaurant, sorry L.A. Las Vegas, however, has a three-star with Joel Robuchon.

  • - Just four two star restaurants: Providence, Melisse, Urusawa, Spago.

  • - New to the one-star category are Sushi Zo, Bastide, Hatfield's, Gordon Ramsey and Osteria Mozza.

  • Some curious and/or interesting Bib Gourmand choices for value-priced meals include Babita, Cru, Elite, Triumphal Palace and Lu Din Gee.

Last year, the Guide seemed fairly uninterested in the Internet; this year, they've launched a website with community features like having readers rate restaurants and win trips. Is the Michelin Guide something you might be interested in, or is it strictly for tourists?


mattatouille said...

i've already chimed in profusely on Eater, but my view is that Michelin is strictly for tourists. Locals should depend on blogs, Yelp, and other sites for guidance. Authority, however, should come from trusted sources, which ought to be developed from one's own personal tastes and choices (hence, pick me!). It was great meeting you last night; happy eating!

weezermonkey said...

People will always disagree about which restaurants merit stars (and how many stars, too), but it's not a bad list.

Kolchak said...

Sushi Zo can't even compare to Sushi Nishya!!!

Anonymous said...

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