Thursday, September 25, 2008

What do you think of Chowhound's makeover?

I knew Chowhound was being re-designed, but I still let out a little yelp this morning when I saw the new format. So far, it seems like a big improvement -- although the type is slightly smaller, it allows many more posts per page, and it seems magically faster. And you can click around to other boards with fewer steps. I know some people like to decry Chowhound as being controlled by totalitarian corporate dictators, but it's really the only forum of its type that's active in L.A., and for that I'm grateful. (And that's not just because I have a blog feed partnership with them.)
What do you think?


AVN said...

I have mixed feelings about this Search box note: "RESULTS WILL BE LIMITED TO THE LAST YEAR AND SORTED NEWEST FIRST."

I'm OK with "newest first," it was something kind of hard to do on the old site.

But "limited to the last year?" Does that mean content is lost if it's more than 365 days old? Does that mean more and more questions being re-asked when newbies can't find them?

Max Zook said...

avn, that's nothing new -- the search box has always defaulted to those settings. They can be changed.

H. C. said...

Still getting adjusted but yea, it seems everything is more readily accessible and faster load times but I wish they didn't have to shrink the type to do that.

Anonymous said...

I really like the change. Certainly is a fresher, cleaner look and it seems easier to read.

Been a reader of your blog for awhile and didn't even KNOW you were linked to CHOWHOUND. Nice!

Steve2 in LA

Anonymous said...

I sorta like it. It'll take some getting used to but mmm yeah...i like it...i think.

Aissa Galoso