Monday, September 29, 2008

Verdugo Bar: tasting some monster beers

We stopped by Verdugo Bar Friday, and Ryan introduced us to a couple of startingly different beers. Although Verdugo is a little off the beaten path in Glassell Park, the selection is excellent at the comfy bar, which also serves cocktails and wine, and there's plenty of tempting taco tables along the way if you need a snack first. I started with a San Marcos IPA -- those San Diegans really know how to make a hoppy, balanced beer. Then Ryan introduced us an cask IPA from Deans Bros. Brewing of Santa Ana. It was made in the British style, and though the warmish, yeasty brew was just a bit too reminiscent of raw bread dough for my taste, I was glad to hear about another local microbrewery. Deans Bros. have pretty good distribution so I'll look forward to trying their ESB or Irish Red Ale at the Village Idiot or Beechwood. Our last taste was a real treat -- Ryan had some hard-to-find Hitachino Nest ginger beer (I think the bottle was a little different from this picture, though). With an assertive ginger flavor, this beer would be amazing with some super-spicy Thai or Chinese food or just on its own with some Hawaiian-style popcorn. I don't think I ever wrote up the Verdugo when I went the first week they opened -- probably the Delerium Tremens made me forget all about blogging. So consider the situation remedied, and try some unusual brews at Verdugo.

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Matthew Kuborn said...

Awh! V Bar is awesome! I definitely miss living near a place with Delerium on tap!!