Saturday, September 20, 2008

Nickel Diner makes L.A. Times Column One

photo via L.A. Times slideshow

The L.A. Times front page devotes its left hand column today to 5th St.'s Nickel Diner, which opened last week "on the corner of crack and smack," as the owners bluntly put it. I haven't gotten there yet but I'm looking forward to seeing the original menus painted on the walls and sampling some non-vegan breakfast for a change. Looks like owners Monica May and Kristen Trattner are trying hard to make Downtown welcoming even on its grungiest streets. So, how's the food?
Nickel Diner
524 Main St.
Downtown L.A.
(currently open for breakfast and lunch, Weds.-Sun.)


Foodeater said...

Ironically, your comment about non-vegan sausage piqued my curiosity to check their menu for any signs of vegetarian food. Lo and behold, they've got a number of vegan items listed! The vegan ranchero breakfast sounds great. Good to know there's vegan options available the next time I'm on Skid Row ;)

Amanda said...

I went soon after they opened and while the food isn't the most amazing ever, it's good, and different from the normal b-fast offerings. Service was s-l-o-w, but hopefully they've got the kitchen working better now. The atmosphere is great and they've really done such a great job with the design.

Anonymous said...

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