Monday, September 15, 2008

County whitewashes taco controversy!

Don't L.A. County workers have better things to do then try to fight taco blogs and whitewash the record of supervisor Gloria Molina on Wikipedia? You'd think they were working for Gov. Sarah McCain instead of L.A. County! Via Laist, we learned that the folks at tracked down the IP address of some of their most annoying commentors as well as the people editing various Wikipedia articles and found they're all coming from the County office building. Busted!


Michael said...

I wish Palin was our mayor. Tony Villar is a joke. Read LA Weekly. The LA City Council is a group of clowns. If you think Bush is bad, Obama will be a disaster if he ever gets elected. The guy is dumber than a box of rocks. He can't speak without a tele prompter. Please stick to food.

A said...

@mikey Actually this had more to do with food and was not a political cometary but rather a reporting of facts pertaining to an issue (taco trucks) we discuss often, unlike your unnecessary political tirade. If you want to get petty, i would choose a man smart and quick-witted enough to read a teleprompter over one who is to addled and slow to keep up with one. But again, this is a food blog as you so helpfully stated, not a political forum.

Doran said...

I imagine Obama is much more of a taco truck guy than the Wrinkly White Haired Guy.

Joe Biden said...

Michael, you stupid fenderhead, the taco truck controversy is with the County, not the City Council of the mayor.

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