Monday, September 22, 2008

Church and State finally open; Berkeley Bowl in the Times

Daily Candy has news of Steven Arroyo's Church and State opening today on Industrial St. It's French bistro fare -- frisee aux lardons, steak frites and such, with a full bar. This one has been quite a while coming -- actually, Church and State was the original name for South Pasadena's 750 ml, but apparently it worked better for Downtown.

And the L.A. Times Column One is really foodie lately -- today's story is on the contact sport that is shopping at the Berkeley Bowl, the vast -- but frustrating -- East Bay supermarket. I love the Berkeley Bowl -- I used to live just two blocks away from the original, more mellow one, and the EatingLA nameplate was photographed there. But it's so true that Berkeley folks can be a real pain, always telling you what to do: You can't have a bag, you're standing in the Cheeseboard line the wrong way, etc., etc. But they do eat well up there.

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MichelleT said...

I spent six years in the East Bay and SF and though I mostly miss living there I certainly don't miss the bossy citizenry.

Berkeley was definitely the worst: Let your freak flag fly all you want, but goddess forbid you should stop with your car even a millimeter in the crosswalk, or dare to feed your infant formula, or otherwise run afoul of the citizen-police.